The Best Ear Plugs for Concerts, Festivals and Clubbing

Less than 5% of us wear ear plugs when going out. And from those, most aren't wearing earplugs for concerts or nightlife in general, but earplugs for sleeping and industrial use. Yes, fluorescent foamies, I'm talking to you!

It's not a surprise the main complaint is "They ruin my experience." ... So, we wondered: if we were to make the best earplug for concerts, festivals and nightlife, what would it look like?

What makes the best concert earplug?

We asked lots of music enthusiasts and we can summarize the requirements as follows:

  1. "I want the music to sound great" ...
  2. but "They must protect my ears"
  3. "The less I notice them, the better"
  4. "I don't want a nerdy look"

As music quality is priority number one, we started designing our earplugs for sound first in collaboration with acoustical experts. We partnered up with the best eartip manufacturers for ultimate comfort, and thanks to 3D printing we managed to shape the necessary resonance chamber into an elegant, hollow ring.

Below we'll discuss the 4 benefits that make Loop the best earplugs for concerts or other music events. If you want to know more about the development and how they're produced, check out our technology page.

Benefit 1: Enjoy The Music

"Music and speech remain clear, just less loud."

As we established, great sound is the most important feature. Makes sense. When you pay 100 bucks for a concert or a festival, you want the whole shebang. Not a distorted, diminished version. So, how do we translate this to a technical requirement?

Natural sounding music

DJ's, bands and producers finetune their music to give it a specific sound. When you go to a gig, you want to hear the music like they intend it to sound. You want as little distortion as possible, or more scientifically put: equal attenuation over the entire hearing spectrum.

earplugs with a great sound experience have flat attenuation

Many earplugs sound weird. That is because, when inserting an earplug, you block your ear canal partially. This canal has an acoustical characteristic, which is now changed. The result: distorted sound.

To counter this undesired side effect, we added a resonance chamber. This is a hollow canal through which the sound travels before it hits the filter. It compensates the blocking of the ear canal, resulting in natural sounding music and speech. If you wanna know more, check out our tech-page but what essentially matters to you is that music sounds like it's supposed to sound, just less loud.

We had Sean Dhondt - a Belgian singer, drummer and TV star suffering from tinnitus since young - test them:

Testimonial Sean Dhondt - best ear plugs for concerts and festivals

Easier conversations

A nice bonus are easier conversations: when the sound is natural, it helps our brain to filter out voices. So, next time, put in your concert earplugs and reply "Yes, please." instead of "WHAAAAAAT?" when your friend asks you if you want a drink.

Benefit 2: Party Harder and Longer

"The right balance between protection and experience."

Do you know that ringing in your ears after a night out? It’s the first sign of hearing damage. 1 out of 4 people experience tinnitus, a constant beep in the ears. Most concerts, festivals and clubs reach sound levels above 100 decibels. At this level, you risk hearing damage after 15 minutes. Because no good party ever ended after 15 minutes, earplugs are the best solution to party harder and longer!

Loop delivers a 15 Decibel (dB) reduction of the sound. For most festivals and concerts, that's the perfect amount to still enjoy the music to the fullest and protect your ears.

Not sure how much 15dB is? Check our post indicating what kind of dB-levels we encounter in our daily lives

Benefit 3: Forget Them Right Away

"Forget you're wearing earplugs by the time you finish your first drink."

Our research said the primary requirement for the best earplugs for concerts is to sound awesome. Ultimate comfort comes second. In order for you to barely notice your're wearing earplugs, you want a soft contact, a great fit and they should be easy to take in and out.

We put more than 30 different eartips from various manufacturers across the globe in a lot of people's ears. The conclusion was clear: ears are too different for one eartip to satisfy everyone. Some really like the compact silicones eartips, other prefer the special feel of memory foam. So, we included both sets with every Loop package:

Loop: the best earplugs for concerts, festivals and nightlife - two sets of eartips for most comfortable ear plugs

Content of a Loop package: silicon earplugs (mounted on the Loops) + memory foam earplugs + carrying pouch. 

Silicone eartips: Ease of use and durability

The silicon eartips are the most compact ones. You can slide them in using one hand. The hypoallergenic silicone makes sure its soft touch causes no irritations.

Memory foam eartips: Perfect isolation

The memory foam earplugs are heat activated. After warming them up by rolling them between your fingers they take the form of your ear canal. They ensure the best seal and soft contact with your inner ear.

We gave a pair of Loops to Bert Lecompte, founding father of 'de Tuut van Tegenwoordig', a Belgian Non-profit Organisation fighting hearing damage due to too loud music. Here's what he had to say about our freshly designed concert earplug:

 greatest comfort best earplugs for nightlife

Choose which eartip suits you best. Forget you're wearing Loops by the time you've finished your first drink.

Benefit 4: Complement your Looks

"Elegant & discreet, fits perfectly in your ear."

Last but not least, you want earplugs that look good. The round shape of Loop fits perfectly in your ear, without sticking out. Invisible from the front and elegant from the side. Own the dance floor without risking to lose them. 


In short: Party Harder. Protect Your Ears

Four features define Loop as the best earplugs for concerts, festivals and nightlife:

  1. the best sound
  2. hearing protection
  3. ultimate comfort
  4. great looks

 Live the night and protect your ears. Get your Loops now.